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MTE Display DrivesMTE Display Drives


Newly Developed Turntable SW 300 - Available Now!

-> Centric load up to 30 kg:

->  Belt drive with very low noise and robust power transmission:

-> Nearly wear-free safety clutch

-> Stronger bearing supported shaft for bigger and taller display objects

-> Optional: slip ring or outcomming cable through hollow shaft


… Therefore, particularly suitable as motor drive for show cases, trade shows, mannequins or as display turntable.


Please find out more...

New Tumbling Drive MTA 010

-> Centric load up to 1 kg:

-> Particularly for presentations of tumbling and rolling motions of boats.

-> Silent motor drive with metal components only.

-> Based on the motor drive MU 010.


Special application for models of boats, vehicles and toys at trade shows and for show cases.

New Development: Synchronized Rotating Mannequin Turntables



In cooperation with one of the biggest fashion companies in the world, we developed a new turntable concept with the following Features:   

  • Synchronized Operation of up to 150 turntables with one control unit
  • Operation with 24 V DC low voltage
  • Long-life permanent operation by using brushless DC motors
  • Maintenance free
  • Nearly noisless Operation
  • Turn plate with integrated safety clutch
  • Simply installation by "plug and play" method
  • Easy leveling with adjustable feed
  • Diameter of turn plate either 40 or 50 cm
  • Total height of the turntable from bottom to top edge of turn plate can be chosen individually from 200 to 400 mm
Turntable which is able to carry a load of more than 100 kg
Optional: Stainless steel cover for the 50 cm turn plate available
Easy removable turn plate


Central control unit
Simple cable concept
Flush mounted turn plates
Raised mounted turn plates

Fast Retailing / UNIQLO, Japan

  • Fashion enterprise with 42.000 employees and 14 Billion Euro turnover
  • Biggest clothing company in Asia and third biggest Company worldwide

Installations of synchronized MTE Turntables:

Tokyo 98 pieces
Osaka 123 pieces


Additional installations:
Berlin 83 pieces, London 96 pieces, Moskow 34 pieces, Australia 6-45 pieces, Paris 30 pieces, Antwerpe 8 pieces and more ...

Display Drives „in Motion“ – Video Clips Help to Understand Motion Drives Better.

Recently we have been presenting video clips of many different movement types of display motors and drives. You will also find them on the internet platform YouTube.
All videos can be viewed either product specific on our website or on with the keyword „mtemotors“. Of  course you may also subscribe to get all information and news automatically.


See a sample demonstration of a video clip >>>Start Video

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