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MTE Display DrivesMTE Display Drives

Drives & Motors

Mains Powered Drives

AC motors in a secure plastic housing (black or white can be chosen) with various versions of drives. These display motors and drives can be used as turntables, ceiling mounted hanging motors, pendulum drives, pivoting drives, up and down motors and many other applications. 

Battery Powered Drives

Battery motors combined with different kinds of drives like pendulum, ceiling mounted motors, hanging drives, swing motion drives, counter rotation drives and a lot of accessories.

AC Motors

AC gear motors for general purposes. Applicable as well as mains powered display motors as for industrial long term operations. Available as pre assembled motor with two or three fold cord and different gear wheels.

Battery Motors

Powerful and robust battery motor even for long term operations. Applicable as display drives and turntable with small sizes and low power consumption. Therefore they save battery capacity. With a plugged in battery tube the motor can be used as a tube drive.   

Linear Drives

Motion display elements can be moved forward and backward on a bar with such a linear drive. Even up and down motions are possible.

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